Ritambhara Sahni reviews by Purvi


Purvi Rambhiya – My student and my friend now. A girl who thinks just like me. Strong headed and high on self – esteem. When she joint belly dancing with me she was a teenager but grew up strong really fast. She now is a part of my teaching and performing team as well at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.


Belly dancing was love at first sight. When I saw Shakira dancing on hips don’t lie. I was mesmerized with her moves thinking if I’d ever be able to do 10% of what she does. I decided to look for belly dancing classes in Mumbai. And boom came across Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. I called them up immediately asking about the beginner’s course. I fondly remember speaking to Ritambhara Sahni about my decision of joining the institute but also had fear of body image issues. I was on the healthier side and was not sure if I’ll be able to learn the dance. Ritambhara promised ma that I won’t regret if I joined the institute. And she was right. I went for my first class a bit nervous though where I met Ritambhara – my teacher and other students. It was that day and it’s today I haven’t stopped Shimmying. I fell in love with Belly Dancing. All thanks to Ritambhara Sahni who has taught me from the scratch till the professional level that I’m learning. She’s always been a great mentor and a dear friend. I love how the positive aura of the class is when we’re dancing. Belly dance has also helped me grow physically, mentally and spiritually. It gives me so much positivity and I still look forward for my classes. I want to say that Joining Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni was the best decision I took at that that time.

Down the line I even wrote this article on body image because belly dance was one of the factors that did get me comfortable in my own skin. Do read.


“Beta who will marry you??”This was a concern most elders came to me with.
Seriously? This question really makes me wonder whether the man in question will look beyond my appearance and see how beautiful a person I am from within. Is weight really such an important issue? Well, yes, this is another fat girl story but with a different twist.
Talking about being fat takes me back in time to the days when I was being teased about being overweight in school. I used to be a pretty chubby girl, embarrassed of my plumpness, which compelled me to keep to myself. I would not take part in any extracurricular activities that would put the focus on my body. So running, dancing and outdoor games was out of the question. Not only did the body image issue affect my physical training but it also scarred me mentally. I never really interacted with my classmates thinking, who would want to talk to a fat girl like me. And the umpteen nicknames I got like Rambo and fatso (no kidding) would just put me off people altogether.
I often questioned myself, wondering what it would be like, to be thin. Was my self-worth only defined by the weighing scale? This uncertainty led to a habit of constantly scrutinizing myself in everything I did which led to low self-esteem.

As I grew up, shopping became a hassle as I would have nothing available in my size. I would unwillingly settle for the Indian attire which looked decent and demure (Although I rock the Indian look now: P) so that I would not look shapeless. I often admired my friends who easily wore their skinny jeans and short skirts and wondered when I’d get there.

I can’t remember what triggered this change, but one fine day I decided, enough is enough! I need to take a stand, NOW! So I went on a self-imposed mission of sorts to lose weight. From waking up at 4 AM for a jog to skipping meals just to go down on those extra kilos, I did it all. But it made my life nothing but miserable. I realized I wasn’t doing the most rational thing by comparing myself to other skinny girls. I tried and failed with nothing but deficiencies in my body that affected my overall health.
Eventually, I gave up and began to think less about my flaws. The taunts never stopped. I would feel miserable when relatives asked me questions like how much I weighed.
Slowly, I realized that nobody cares how fat I am. I started to concentrate on doing the things I loved and that helped me boost my confidence. I was no more an introvert or a shy girl. I began to talk to people without any hesitation and I am now known as a lively and cheerful girl who always smiles. People began to look beyond my weight and remembered me for my cheerful attitude and charismatic smile.

However, things did change over the years. I happened to lose a few kilos without consciously making any efforts. I started to dance in my free time and belly dancing became my favorite past time and my fitness routine. It is the one thing that I look forward to everyday. I am still voluptuous and curvy…but the surprising part is that I love the way I look now. Today, I don’t want to be anything but myself. I don’t want to lose anymore weight, at least not for the society or that someone who would want to marry me (especially if he can only see my looks and weight).

The one thing I have learnt in my life is that you are what you choose to be. You can be a shy person and sit in a corner or you can go out and conquer the world by proving them wrong, just like I did. So now, my weight is the least of my concerns and I think that’s how it should be.

Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is a great place to gain a perspective on belly dancing. Ritambhara and her team offer a great experience into the world of belly dancing.

I cannot say enough about the selection of moves that the Ritambhara employs for her dance programs. You not only build strength, you also take charge of your body movements thus giving you grace. The belly dance moves challenges you at every level. For those who are serious dancer and want to really get in shape belly dance is for you.

The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is where you want to go and learn real honest to goodness belly dancing! When I leave this class I’m really sweaty and winded. I work out several times a week and am in pretty decent shape, yet I get a great butt kicking when I go Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai. Read More

Ritambhara’s belly dancing classes are so professional and so much fun!! Ritambhara Sahni and her team of instructors are great and are such a lovely group of women. So supportive! I’m getting the hang of it and having fun while I’m learning!

Ritambhara’s belly dancing classes are fun filled you really enjoy it. Can be a bit intimidating at first because so many students are really good! Ritambhara is very nice and welcoming. All instructors are very helpful. I have lots of fun, good workout and change of pace than any other option.

I have been taking classes with The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai for about 1 year now and I am so happy to have discovered such an amazing belly dancing institute that is so highly regarded. I started dancing as an absolute beginner. Women anywhere from the ages of early 20’s through 50’s have been in my classes over this year. Read More

If you are looking for a workout, belly dance is a great way to stay fit. The first portion of the class is stretching and toning exercises. Beginner classes focus more on getting the basic movement techniques right and how to flow with the music. Advanced classes are longer and include more choreography. The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai Read More

I’ve taken all the 3 levels of classes at Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai, and I loved it! You don’t need to have experience in belly dancing to get started. The classes are great, the instructors are caring and so I find it a nice place to learn belly dancing.

I started at Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai with totally no dance experience. After just one month of Ritambhara Level 1 class, I learned a simple choreography and performed it at a wedding party; my friends and family were amazed of what I have accomplished in a month. Thanks Ritambhara Ma’am.

The teaching at The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is top-notch and professional. Ritambhara Sahni makes everyone feel welcome regardless of experience, talent, fitness level or even body size. She breaks down the dance steps so simply that I have never felt out of place or discouraged as she is very persistent and makes me do all the steps till I learn them properly. In every class, you not only learn new steps and movements, but you also learn how to move your fingers properly according to your hip movements.

OMG The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai rocks!!.. Ritambhara Sahni is a brilliant instructor and you can tell she enjoys teaching and belly dancing. From fun to fitness this is such a great way to learn belly dancing.

I absolutely love The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai for its great and friendly environment and talented teachers. All the classes are well planned and fun. Along with your regular classes, there is always something new going on – theme classes and workshops, as well as some unique classes offered here – like The Popping, Locking, Breaking and Krumping at their RSIPA classes. I always have a great time at The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai!

The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai session are well structured and well planned as well as they ensures that the teachers really take care of their students and help them reach their dance goals with lots of fun and laughter included during the class. The instructors really focus that you build strong and elegant arm movements.
Whether you’re an experienced dancer looking for new inspiration or an absolute beginner looking for a relaxed, fun filled and innovative belly dancing classes, then The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is what you need.

If you feel like learning belly dance, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is the right pale to start. Ritambhara Sahni is one of the most talented dancers, performers, and most importantly a great Teacher. Ritambhara is very motivating and encouraging us all the time.

Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is a perfect place for belly dancing. I have enjoyed taking classes here for years. It is just so much fun. The best part is they start with the basics and gradually build into more complex movements and rhythms also using the finger cymbals.

I have always wanted to learn belly dancing, but I never took the initiative to sign up for any dance classes or take professional lessons. However, once I decided, I signed up for Ritambhara Sahni’s, The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai for their beginner’s level. I had great hopes for the class, but the actual experience really surpassed what I had expected. Read More

For the first time I was trying the Belly Dancing class. My experience was great. Ritambhara Sahni is a great mentor and dancer. Not only she patiently showed us the dance moves but she also explained the logic behind them. Hopefully I would dance better and better with every session.

I decided to try my first ever belly dancing class at The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai. Being a curvier girl, I had some worries about being uncomfortable in a dance studio (as well as it being my first time trying belly dancing). The receptionist working at the front desk was very polite and welcoming. I took beginner belly dancing classes, the first time I had a hard time picking up the movements, but the second time I went it was way better. Ritambhara would teach moves in really simple and easy to learn way which made us feel at ease. She was welcoming and very nice.

My favorite thing about The Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai is the inclusiveness of all ages, body types, and level of dance experience. From my experience as a beginner to more advanced levels, there has always been a range of bodies and ages from twenties to Fifties. Another big positive for me is that the instructors are really grounded Read More