If you have any complaints do send us a message here and we shall be happy to respond and help you out in any possible way we can. However we do have to follow guidelines which apply to each and every student when she joins our course. We need 3 to 4 days time to respond.The following are the guidelines which we have to follow and cannot be changed for anyone. Please go through the guidelines before sending the message. These guidelines are also permanently mentioned below the beginner’s course details LINK which have to be read before joining. Apart from this if you have joint a special programme or a higher level course, then those programmes and levels have their own respective guidelines which will be given to you well in advance or else will be mentioned on the website below the description of the programme or higher level course These are the general guidelines for beginner’s courses.

Also for student concerns as beginners refer to FAQ section –



1) You are free from any medical issues and have no medical problems when you are joining the course. We are not responsible for any medical condition.

2) For some reason if you cannot do the course once you join then you can do the course anytime later within six months that is from the date of joining. Beyond 6 months then you would have to re-join by paying the full fees.

3) For some reason if you cannot do the course once you join and If you have not attended a single session then your amount is transferable to another person introduced ONLY BY YOU, but if you have attended even a single class [for even a short span of time] then the amount is transferable ONLY TO YOU for a 6 months’ time frame from the date you have joined. Beyond 6 months you will have to re-join by paying the full fees.

4) There are no refunds strictly.

5) We are not responsible for any refund or in any other way if you have realised that you have a medical condition after joining the course.

6) This is a group class and we do expect a positive behaviour.

7) The only numbers to contact the institute is 9819477748 or 9619067129. [Sorry but personal cell numbers and personal details of the instructors would not be shared]

9) Please note and we apologise that our 9819477748/9619067129 is not answerable 24/7. We may not answer the phone on holidays and our working hours are 12 noon to 5pm – Mon to Friday. On sat we work from 12 noon to 1. But please do drop a message as we would not want to miss hearing from you and we could call you back as soon as possible.

10) In case if your call goes unanswered on 9819477748./ 9619067129 Send us a message and we will eventually reply to that either by a call or WhatsApp message.

11) Once you have enrolled as a student at our institute please note that 2 weeks before your course comes to an end.. You have to enroll for the next level and under no circumstances can you delay joining if you have any cover classes left as your cover classes will be covered up.

12) If you miss any sessions.. We help you with cover up sessions by you attending in a similar ongoing batches pertaining to the levels you have joint at any of our centres. However the batch has to be at par with you. To know where you could go to cover up the missed session you could call on 9819477748 or 9619067129. In case at that current moment there are no options, we assure you that we will find a solution for you to cover up any classes you have missed.

13) Instructors are only responsible to teach you your course contents correctly. They do not handle administrative work. For administrative work kindly call 9819477748 or 9619067129 speak with any admin or any members of the admin team at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.

14) All course material is sent by WhatsApp. Course material provided to students is written sequences and songs. No videos strictly. A request has to be sent by the student requesting for the song or sequence or both on our WhatsApp number – 9619067129.. Please note that the timings for this is Monday to Friday between 12 noon and 5pm.

15) No video shooting allowed strictly in the class zone.

16) Any classes cancelled by us in an event of emergency will NOT be counted.

17) In case there is a change in time of the class in an event of emergency and if the student cannot attend that class then we will give her an alternative batch to cover up her missed class. In case she cannot adjust into the cover class, we will work out a solution.

18) Ritambhara Sahni is not responsible for any administrative work. She is responsible as an instructor pertaining to the batches she teaches. For administrative work admins are available at 9819477748/9619067129. Decisions will be taken by the admin team at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai.

19) Our sessions are usually in a pattern of two hours. In an event of emergency we could conduct half an hour to one hour sessions. In such a case only the hours taken will be counted.

20) Please note that levels 1, 2 and 3 course is for 3 months which covers introductory, basic and intermediate level of belly dancing. One would learn this in the form of 3 professionally choreographed sequences on 3 complete songs. What the student would achieve at the end of the course is that she would learn 45 percent of the techniques that there is to learn in overall professional belly dancing. Also learn 3 professionally choreographed sequences on 3 songs.

21) If you want a certificate for levels 1, 2 and 3 then you have to apply for an examination. The examination is technique based only. It’s a separate session that we organise every one to two month apart from the classes you attend for your course. The 1st one hour we perfect and correct your techniques and the 2nd hour we take your exam. The certificate is given to you after you have completed 3 months and completed the content of 3 songs in the beginner’s course. You get 3 certificates for level 1, 2 and 3 respectively. A onetime fee of Rs. 500 [ Rupees five hundred only ] is charged and you are welcome to attend the exam any time it happens in your 6 months’ time frame which would be at least 2 to 3 times. Please note that charges are not to obtain a certificate but the cost we bear to organise this examination. Also please note that this is OPTIONAL.


CONTACT : +(91)-9619067129, +(91)-9819477748