If you find belly dancing attractive, and for some reason, you are holding back and not joining  belly dance classes in Mumbai…then do read this article. Whatever your reason may be, you will realize that your thought process is contradictory to the reality!!! Also if you are my student or a student from some other belly dance school or a self-trained belly dancer or a belly dance teacher/professional…would love you to add your reasons to belly dance in the comments below and I would love to connect with you if we have never met. So read my article here and I am waiting to know your reasons to belly dance 🙂

1. Belly Dance will bring out the youth in you …
Belly Dance has its mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Belly dance can make not just physical changes for you but belly dance makes you change the way you think and feel in general. It surely changes your vision on many aspects and fronts. It makes the process of ‘dreams to reality’ much faster irrespective of whatever you dream or aspire in life. Yes, it creates that youthful confidence within you and brings out the youth in you no matter what age you are. You will look at life differently, more enthusiastically and grow younger by the day with the art of belly dancing.

2. Belly Dance Makes You Beautiful Within and Out…

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Belly Dance is a celebration. This dance form can surely make any girl or woman feel more beautiful about herself. The art makes you feel beautiful from within. It empowers you !! The grace the dance carries and you being aware of the strength of the tiny muscles within your body starts making you feel awesome about ‘you’. With zero makeup and not even combing your hair you can still make you look beautiful to the world because it creates the energy of beauty from within which reflects on you externally.

3. Belly Dance Makes You Fitter, builds core strength and has the ability to change you physically.
We have been hearing size zero, height-weight ratio, waist-hip ratio. But belly dance makes the imperfect bodies look awesome, so much so that the imperfect bodies start looking attractive at a new level. Whatever shape or size you could be, every ‘body’ has its beauty and strength so much so that what seems to be the imperfection to others can start to look just awesome with the power of belly dancing. Belly Dancing done intensively can definitely make you fitter, stronger and build an extremely strong core. One great aspect of this dance art is that it uses certain muscles that are not used in any form of exercise or gym which leads you to create a stronger core. Your body starts to look amazing even if not perfect as the dance art sculpts your ‘own body’ to look beautiful.

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